WARDLE - Service Updates

Service Updates

Here we've included details about any changes to Wardle Transport's services and road closures affecting our routes. Click on a link below for further details.


Wardle Transport local bus services will operate as follows over the Easter holiday period 2014:- 
Good Friday 18 April 2014:
  Normal Monday to Friday timetables

Saturday 19 April 2014: Normal Saturday timetables

Easter Sunday 20 April 2014: Normal Sunday timetables

Easter Monday 21 April 2014:  Sunday timetables will operate

Tuesday 22 April 2014: Normal Tuesday timetables

Revised Local Bus services from Monday 28 April 2014

Several local bus services are being revised from Monday 28 April 2014 following the recent re-tendering carried out by Staffordshire County Council along with changes being introduced to service X50 following monitoring by the business.

Here are the changes being introduced:
Services 1, 2, 3: 
Stone Town Services
Wardle transport will no longer operate Stone Town Services 1, 2 or 3 following the recent re-tendering process. New services will be provided by Bennetts on behalf of Staffordshire County Council.

Service 190:  Hanley – Cranberry
Service withdrawn. Customers will need to contact Staffordshire County Council for alternative services.

Service X50:  Hanley – Derby
Unfortunately patronage on X50 has not been sufficient to sustain all journeys on a commercial basis. From Monday 28 April 2014 we will operate journeys at 0710 Uttoxeter to Hanley and 1715 Hanley to Uttoxeter service X50 journeys on a trial basis. An hourly frequency will be maintained between Hanley and Blythe Bridge with new additional service X51 journeys. All other X50 journeys are withdrawn.

Service X51:  Hanley – Cheadle
Due to the success of service X51 we will be doubling the Monday to Saturday daytime frequency to hourly between Hanley, Stoke Station, Longton, Meir Park, Blythe Bridge, Forsbrook and Cheadle. Most journeys will also serve Dilhorne – please refer to forthcoming timetable for full details.
Following requests from customers, buses from Cheadle to Hanley will now serve Longton Interchange allowing connections with other local bus services.

Football ServicesFollowing the Wednesday night game on 12 February 2014, Wardle Transport will no longer be operating the Stoke Town Centre shuttle buses to the Britannia Stadium. Please visit the Stoke City FC website for replacement shuttle service.

BS1 will continue to be run by Wardle Transport but BS2 Newcastle to the Britannia will no longer operate.

Service changes from 4 January 2014

From 4 January 2014 there will be number of changes to the network of local bus services operated by Wardle Transport following recent monitoring.

Here are the changes being introduced:

Service 14: Hanley – Twigg St – Bucknall
This service will be withdrawn due to patronage decline and can no longer be sustained on a commercial basis.

Service 16: Hanley - Cheddleton - Leek - (Westwood)
We will be increasing the Monday to Friday daytime frequency from every hour to every 30 minutes on service 16. At the same time, new day-return fares will be introduced.

Service 46: Hanley - Longton - Blurton
Unfortunately due to engineering work on Longton Railway Bridge and the retention of the P’lumline’ service by the local authority the 46 can no longer be sustained on a commercial basis.

Service 58: Hanley - Stoke - Penkhull – Newcastle
Service 58A: Hanley - Stoke - Penkhull - Clayton
Originally operated under contract to the local authority, the financial support from the local authority was withdrawn and we have operated the 58/58A on a commercial basis.

Service 86: Hanley - Middleport - Tunstall - Brindley Ford - Biddulph
The 86 is another former contract service. Since the withdrawal of financial support we have tried several variations to make the service commercially viable, unfortunately patronage has not grown to enable us to continue operating the 86 on a commercial basis and will be withdrawn.
Service 90: Ball Green - Smallthorne - Tunstall
The 0815 journey from Ball Green to Tunstall and return 1505 journey from Tunstall to Ball Green will divert via Little Chell Lane to serve St Margaret Ward for pupils from the Norton area. This is to replace service 412.

Service 118: Hanley - Leek - Buxton
We are introducing revised times - ideal for daytrippers visiting Buxton. The revised timetable provides both morning and afternoon journeys for students attending Buxton University. Sunday journeys are extended to/from Stoke Railway Station. A number of day-return tickets will be made available for the whole of the service.

Service 412: Hanley - St Margaret Ward
The contract for service 412 with Stoke City Council has been terminated.

Service 500/Plumline: Norton - Hanley - Stoke - Blurton
The existing contract expires on 3 January 2014. We are awaiting an announcement by the local authority as to who will be awarded the new contract.

Keith Myatt, communications manager for Wardle Transport, said: “We monitor our local bus services at regular intervals, recent monitoring has highlighted the need to make changes to the services outlined above.

We’re pleased to deliver additional journeys onto service 16 which is becoming even more popular – look out for some great fare deals early in the new-year – ideal to grab more bargains in the January Sales!”
Full details of Wardle Transport’ network of local bus services is available at wardletransport.com


Wardle Transport service updates from 29 July 2013

Wardle Transport monitors its services at regular intervals, during recent monitoring the need to introduce changes to its network of local bus services has been highlighted.

Here is a summary of the changes to existing services being introduced from Monday 29 July 2013

Service 30: Hanley – Bradwell
Service withdrawn.

Service 61: Hanley - Bradeley - Tunstall
Service will be revised to operate as service 19 between Hanley and Bradeley along with new service 91 replacing the northern part of existing service 61 which will extend to Newcastle via Furlong Road, Tunstall and Wolstanton.

Service 62: Hanley - Ball Green - Norton - Tunstall
Will be replaced by new services 42 and 90. 42 will operate from Ball Green to Hanley and beyond to serve Stoke on Trent College, Staffordshire University, Stoke Rail Station, Sixth Form College, Stoke, Hospitals and Newcastle. Service 90 will operate via the existing route 62 between Ball Green and Tunstall.

Service 69: Hanley - Middleport - Tunstall
Replaced by an extension of service 86 although on a reduced frequency there will be no Saturday service.

Service 350: Hanley - Newport
Service withdrawn

We will be introducing the following New & Revised Services from 29 July 2013:

Service 14: Hanley - Bucknall
Partly replaces recently withdrawn service 80 between Bucknall Estate and Hanley. Buses are diverted from Ruxley Road to Twigg Street.

Service 16: Hanley – Leek
Service retimed to provide a regular hourly frequency daytime Monday to Saturday.

Service 19: Hanley - Bradeley Village
New service to replace southern part of existing service 61 with additional running time to ensure a reliable service is maintained.

Service 27: Coalville - Longton
A revised route will be introduced between Longton and Weston Coyney Road serving Forrister Street area of Meir Hay Estate. The number of journeys operated will be reduced in line with demand.

Service 33: Newcastle - Westlands
A revised and simplified route and timetable will be introduced for the benefit of local bus users. We’re pleased to introduce additional resources and an improved frequency to ensure a reliable service is maintained.

Service 40: Birches Head – Hanley
A new 30 minute off peak service covering Birches Head Road area will be introduced, together service 40 and service 41 provide a 15 minute frequency between Hanley  and Birches Head Estate albeit via different routes.

Service 41: Birches Head - Hanley - UHNS - Newcastle - Clayton
A revised timetable will be introduced to provide a regular frequency throughout the daytime Monday to Saturday. Together services 41 and 42 provide a 15 minute daytime frequency between Hanley, Stoke Station, Hospitals and Newcastle.

Service 42: Ball Green - Hanley - UHNS - Newcastle
This new service replaces the southern part of service 62 and extends beyond Hanley to serve Colleges, Stoke Rail Station, Hospitals and Newcastle offering through links from Ball Green, Norton, Milton and Abbey Hulton areas. Together services 41 and 42 provide a 15 minute frequency between Hanley, Stoke Station, Hospitals and Newcastle.

Service 46: Blurton - Longton - Hanley
Service 46 introduces a new 30 minute frequency providing links between Blurton Estate, Longton, Stoke Station and Hanley in one route.

Service 47: Langland Drive - Longton
Simplified route, underused journeys withdrawn.

51 Longton - Meir
Underused journeys withdrawn.

58 Hanley - Newcastle
0830 and 1530 ex Hanley journeys will run on School Holidays only.

86 Biddulph - Brindley Ford – Tunstall
Revised to run between Brindley Ford - Tunstall - Middleport and Hanley with a reduced frequency replacing service 69. Saturday service withdrawn.

90 Tunstall - Ball Green
New service to replace northern part of existing 62 but with reduced service in line with demand.

91 Newcastle - Bradeley Village
New service introduced to replace northern part of existing 61 and extended to serve Tunstall - Wolstanton and Newcastle.

92 Newcastle - Porthill
New service running along common route with service 91 between Newcastle and Porthill providing a 15-minute off peak frequency on Mondays to Fridays.

X50 Hanley – Derby
Feedback from customers has highlighted the need to divert X50 via Longton. Off peak Hanley-Uttoxeter journeys are replaced by new service X51 running between Hanley – Longton and Cheadle. Service X51 provides replacement journeys to services 7/7A which are withdrawn from August.

Service X51:  Hanley – Longton - Cheadle
New service replacing some journeys on service X50 between Hanley and Uttoxeter and also service 7 between Cheadle and Longton and service 7A between Team – Draycott and Longton. Both services X50 and X51 will serve Blythe Bridge, Meir Park, Meir, Longton, Stoke Railway Station and Colleges.

Wardle Transport Local Bus Service Network Takes on a New Look! From 3 June 2013
The Company monitors its services at regular intervals, recent monitoring has highlighted very low patronage on a number of services and we cannot afford to operate these services without any subsidy.

Stoke on Trent City Council along with Staffordshire County Council are aware of Wardle Transport’s decision to withdraw the following services 44 (Hanley – Stanley), 45 (Hanley – Abbey Hulton), 60 (Hanley – Norton), 80 (Hanley – Eaton Park Circular).

In addition Sunday buses will be withdrawn on services 3A (Hanley – Baddeley Green Circular), 18 (Hanley – Leek), 22 (Newcastle – Longton), 38 (Hanley – Birches Head Circular), 41 (Hanley – Newcastle) along with the Saturday buses which will be withdrawn on services 58/58A (Hanley – Newcastle and Hanley – Clayton Village). Service 58 is diverted to run the same route as service 58A between Stoke and Hanley.

A Monday to Friday departure at 0645 on service 164 running between Hanley and Market Drayton will no longer be operated.

The changes to theses local bus services will be introduced from Sunday 2 June 2013 Wardle Transport continues in dialogue with the local authorities.

Wardle Transport will ensure its customers are informed of the changes being introduced to its local bus services through on-bus publicity, timetable leaflets, bus guides, press releases, road show events and web site – wardletransport.com

Pick up a leaflet from the Stoke on Trent City Bus Station Travel Shop, local Library, Tourist Information Centres and Council Offices.

Keith Myatt communications manager of Wardle Transport said: “We know there will be a number of customers who will be disappointed to hear that their local bus service will be withdrawn from 2 June 2013 although dialogue continues with the local authorities. Wardle Transport cannot afford to operate these services without any subsidy.”

Changes to Wardle Transport services from 2 September 2012
Several local bus services in the Newcastle, Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Areas will be revised from Sunday 2 September 2012 following recent re-tendering of local bus services by the local authority.

Minor Changes to Service X50 – Hanley – Uttoxeter – Derby

From Monday 23 July 2012, service X50 will no longer run via Egginton Common, and the route will be revised in the Hatton area with buses running direct along Scropton Road between Scropton and Hatton, Station Road. The timetable will be largely unchanged.
The change to the route between Scropton and Hatton will omit Appletree Estate where we have experienced delays due to on-street parking.

A new timetable leaflet will also be available from local libraries, Tourist Information Centres along with the Travel Kiosk at Hanley Bus Station and the Travel Shop in Derby Bus Station. We will be pleased to send you a copy of X50 timetable – call us on 01782 827 282.

Keith Myatt communications manager of Wardle Transport said: “Buses running through the Appletree Estate in Hatton have been delayed due to on-street parking, and we have decided to ensure continue to provide a reliable service buses will run direct along Scropton Road between Scropton and Hatton. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers”.”

Wardle Transport Easter Holiday Bus Services 2012 in the Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and Derbyshire areas

Good Friday 6th April – 
Saturday service
Easter Saturday 7th April – Normal Saturday service
Easter Sunday 8th April – Normal Sunday service
Easter Monday 9th April – Sunday service
Easter Tuesday 10th April – Normal service resumes

Some Local Bus Services are Changing in the Cheadle, Hanley, Longton, Newcastle and Uttoxeter Areas following withdrawal of funding by the local authority from Sunday 19 February 2012.

Here are the changes being introduced:
Service 1E: Uttoxeter – Hatton – Tutbury - Burton
Revised timetable. The following journeys will be withdrawn on Sundays: 0735 Burton – Uttoxeter and 2025 Uttoxeter – Burton.

Service 7: Longton – Blythe Bridge – Cheadle – Tean – Blythe Bridge - Longton
No changes to current timetable.

Service 7A: Longton – Blythe Bridge – Tean – Cheadle – Blythe Bridge – Longton
No changes to current timetable.

Service 34: Hanley – Newcastle - Wereton
Revised timetable: The following Sunday journeys will be withdrawn: 2247 Wereton – Newcastle – Hanley and 2302 Hanley – Newcastle – Wereton.

Service 94A: Audley - Newcastle
Revised timetable. The following Sunday journeys will be withdrawn: 2213 and 2313 Audley – Newcastle along with 2245 and 2345 Newcastle – Audley journeys.

Service 250: Longton – Stone – Walton
No changes to current timetable.

Keith Myatt communications manager for Arriva Midlands, said: “Following a review of sponsored local bus services Staffordshire County Council will no longer be supporting the journeys being withdrawn. We would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused by this decision which is clearly beyond our control”